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Powering the future of travel

Travel Technology Systems Co. is an independent Official Partner appointed by Travelport in Kuwait, connecting buyers and sellers to industry-leading travel content through a single platform.

Travel Retail, Simplified

Travel retail, simplified

Ease, control, and flexibility — Smartpoint is travel retail simplified. This user-friendly desktop connects you directly to our global marketplace where you can search, compare, book, and modify trips for your customers.

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A World Of Content

A world of content

Fast, modern, and easy-to-use, our APIs link directly to our platform for a world of content.
Built for the future and the latest devices, our APIs are designed to make developers happy.

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Everything Under Control

Everything under control

This is your personal dashboard. With access to all your tools and insights, personalized training, online assistance, and exclusive downloads of our latest products, we should really be calling this your Travelport.

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It’s time to say goodbye to complexity and hello to a simpler travel ecosystem. Introducing the new marketplace for travel retailing, Travelport+

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